Toyota Lease-End Process in Bristol, TN, Serving Johnson City & Kingsport

Enjoy the options you have when it's time to end your lease with Toyota of Bristol in Tennessee, serving Johnson City and Kingsport. The lease-end process doesn't have to be intimidating. There are three simple choices you can make when your time is up. First, you can turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease another new Toyota. Second, you can decide to purchase the vehicle you're currently driving. Lastly, you can turn in your vehicle and walk away.

Before you come to the dealership to return your vehicle, make sure you examine for possible excessive wear and get the necessary repairs taken care of. We offer a complimentary inspection appointment between 15 or 60 days before your maturity date if you want peace of mind. Keep your receipts to show us you did your part, and schedule your turn-in date appointment. Don't forget to call the local DMV to see if you need to return a license plate you received.

Explore Your Lease-End Options at Toyota of Bristol

More and more drivers have in Kingsport and Marion been signing onto lease agreements. One of the side effects of this mounting trend? More drivers are also experiencing the process that comes when your vehicle lease reaches its end.

Are you considering a lease for your next car? Are you curious about what your lease-end options? We've assembled a handy guide to help you clear up any confusion.

A Look at the Lease-End Options Waiting for Drivers in Johnson City

When your lease ends, you'll be asked a simple question: "What do you want to do?" Where things get more complicated is when you start thinking about your answer will be. You'll have a few key options waiting for you.

  • Lengthen Your Lease. If you feel like you'd like more time with your vehicle, but you're not interested in buying it outright, you could request that your lease be extended. This can give you more months on the road to prepare for your next vehicle, or just enjoy the one you have now.
  • Buy Your Vehicle. If you feel like you'd like to keep your leased vehicle for the long haul, you can choose to buy it. Many dealerships offer better rates to drivers interested in buying cars they've been leasing in the past.
  • Move on to Another Lease. You could opt into another lease to replace the one that's ending. If you stick with the same dealership, they might have special incentives that can help you avoid some of the final fees that might accompany your lease's end.
  • Just be Done. You could decide to pay the final fees, bid your car a fond farewell and move on to something different.

Contact Our Dealership and Learn More About Your Available Options

If you live in the Abingdon area and you're interested in learning more about your lease-end options, reach out to the team at Toyota of Bristol. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you have about leasing and the lease-end process.

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